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Fluffy Pony General: >Had a long week at work>Decide to let off some steam by killing a...


>Had a long week at work
>Decide to let off some steam by killing a fluffy pony
>Stop at the fluffy pony shelter on your way home and pick one up
>Get home, pour out a bowl of bleach for fluffy pony
>Tell her to drink it, or she won’t get any spaghetti
>Fluffy pony begins lapping away eagerly

this story is… just… i cant even describe it… good and bad

Fluffy Pony General: >you were the first guy on your street to get a fluffy pony >you had...


>you were the first guy on your street to get a fluffy pony
>you had to travel out of state to get her
>she was a light blue earth fluffy with C fluffy mark
>c was the first letter she learned how to say, while she was trying to get a cookie from you
>you named her Cookie and you loved her…

this is the cutest most saddening thing ive ever read






People of the internet, I present to you: Sokka’s Waterfall.

New vacation spot. 

I must paint it.

That is super cool. Also, I can’t help but find it extremely funny that a Fire Nation waterfall is in Iceland.

Iceland does have a lot of volcanoes, though XD Now where to get plane tickets?

We will never go to Iceland, they said. There is nothing worth seeing there, they said. What’s the knife for, they said.

i want to go there

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